Market Taxonomy

The glorious product of the what-people-want engine.

This is for you if:

  • You want to really know what your customers want
  • You want to grow your market share
  • You reckon you could improve your product merchandising

We will:

  • Show you the real scale of your competitors
  • Show you exactly where there are new selling opportunities
  • Help you make decisions to change what you sell, and how you sell it

The problem

You need to grow your business. You have data, some of it is even about your customers, but you want more. Much more. You have a nagging sense that there is a lot out there you don't know about. Well, you are right.

An awful lot of money is spent every year by businesses on market research - some £5bn in 2014 - and all of it is intended to achieve one objective:

“ understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. All that should be needed then is to make the product or service available...”

Peter Drucker, the founder of modern business management

How we can help

A Market Taxonomy from us fits that bill perfectly. We really mean ‘perfectly’. There is no better market research product that will satisfy your interest in the whole of your market. None, anywhere.

A Market Taxonomy is the perfect tool for knowing what people want in your market because:

If that wasn't enough, we know where you live. Not literally, of course, but we've seen on your website, what it is you think your customers want. We'll show you just how big the gaps are between what you think and what they want. And we'll draw you a picture.

If you can find a market research product more representative of your market, more directly actionable by your teams and more transformative to your understanding of your customers, then you should go and buy it instead.

We don't think you will. Come to us and buy a Market Taxonomy today.

That not enough? Okay, here is who it helps:

Buyers love them: There isn’t a buyer alive who would prefer life without a Market Taxonomy; they are invaluable for sourcing new product, evaluating ranging decisions, deflating the claims of manufacturer sales reps, seeing the entire market etc... They will make better decisions. Simple.

Merchandisers won’t get dressed without them: Pressing your customers’ buttons so they buy stuff, is made soooo much easier when you know what they want. Labelling, categorising, promoting, creating copy, etc. simply works better when you use the words your customers use.

Ecommerce managers optimise with them: Conversion and Search Engine ‘Optimisations’ are supported by a Market Taxonomy because at each and every stage of your customers’ journeys, your website simply makes sense. Information architected, products categorised, facets labelled, content copywritten, all with prior knowledge of how your customers search. Of course your interweb thingy is going to work better!

Marketeers get their customer “careabouts”:Directly from their customers. No ambiguity, no guesswork. Campaign conception, marketing execution, advertising copy, paid search etc., all perform better when it meets your customers’ expectations. Choosing priorities and investment is much simpler, and search marketing costs less as a result.

The Board would like to own us: Confidence grows amongst your executive team when they know your customers really well. Investments in growth, acquisitions, customer advocacy all come more naturally when you understand the demands in your market. They'd rather your competitors didn't know about us.

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