Data Visualisation Consultancy

Better thinking through better seeing.

This is for you if:

  • You have a lot of data
  • You need to make sense of it
  • You want it to support better, faster decisions

We will:

  • Explore what you can know - the measurable facts, the
  • Automate finding things that are interesting
  • Design and build interactive visualisations that hit you between the eyes with the most important thing to do next

The problem

Data, data everywhere, nor any drop to drink. Actually, we believe that 'too much information' is not the problem - it represents a wealth of new potential. We want to know what's going on now, why it's going on, whether we should worry about it, and what is the most valuable thing to do next. But it's easy to get overwhelmed by the problem. The answers are in there, but how do you know where to look? How do you hold it all in your head? Often, the best way to summarize a set of numbers - even a very large one - is to draw a picture of it.

How we can help

We spend a lot of time studying how people see, how they pay attention, and how their memories work. We design visualisations of data to make the important patterns, trends and exceptions leap out and smack you between the eyes, extending your brain's ability to hold information by making it all available and obvious, right in front of your eyes.

How it works

Your problems aren't unique. Chances are we have already built just the thing that you need that spots changes in rate and compares and sorts them by value, or that aggregates, or filters, or has some nifty zoom and pan interactions. But before we give you what you're asking for we make darned sure that it's what you need. We start by working with you to define the overall strategic aims (what are you trying to do again?), and how individual decisions and actions can contribute to achieving those aims. We then move on to understanding what is possible to measure in your data space, what is already being measured, how to clean up the data, and who is going to be actually using the insights and how they would use it. We design, develop, paper-prototype, user-test and code-prototype. We can even manage the final production implementation process for you.

We happen to have expertise in most parts of data visualisations, from data exploration and root cause analysis, sense-making and communication, scientific visualisation, dashboard design, user interface design, human computer interaction, and human cognition. We are experts in getting the best out of NumPy, R, d3, polymer, tableau and oh, lots of other cool stuff that you probably don't care about right now. Suffice to say we're very good at this. We’re good teachers and mentors, and can work closely with both technical types and managers. We like giving crash-course training and regular QA sessions.

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