James Harvey

Senior Data Scientist

James Harvey

If Liam's a bit of a tech whiz, James is a masterful tech whiz. He can take things that are theoretically possible and figure out if they're technically feasible. Smart guy. He has fifteen years' experience as a technical developer and software architect at a leading cryptographic hardware manufacturer, where he specialised in mysterious things such as GUI design and usability analysis. His projects concerned things like "cryptographic key management infrastructure control." Whew.

James has a first-class degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, is married, and lives near Cambridge with a 5-year-old bundle of energy* and two cats. Oh, and his wife. Obviously.

James likes really complicated origami, really complicated Lego, and bringing complex data visualisation projects to life (don't we all?). He also does a lot of musical theatre, sings in a choir, and, um, is genuinely excited about the size of the databases we work with here. Genuinely.

* The bundle of energy is a little boy—not an actual bundle of pure energy.

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